Case Studies

Town Hall Meeting

We were asked by our amazing client based in America to assist with a zoom webinar for a town hall meeting

2 days 

2 sessions per day 

5 presenters per session

All presenters were connected remotely into our vision mixer and we were able to apply extra overlay graphics and logos as well as lower thirds name graphics

We also controlled the audio for each presenter ensuring the best quality was sent to the broadcast.

We only unmuted microphones when required, just as we would in a normal live event.

A green room style facility was used so we could all communicate before the audience saw or hear anyone

We outputted this to a Zoom webinar and YouTube live at the same time, ensuring everyone had access to the event.

We run main and backup system which limit any potential problems. The internet is under great strain with a lot more users online at any given time. We use hard wired internet as well as multiple 4G / 5G lines to ensure we remain connected at all times.

Lower Thirds


We added lower third names to all presenters live

Full production suite

Remote systems allow us to bring in presenters from around the world to connect to the world


Dynamics transitions were used to enhance the style of the live broadcast

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